Sunday, May 6, 2007

Oh woe is me!

I've had a double blow of bad news today which has left me devastated.

Firstly, I found out that my friend's family are going to Athens (Yes Athens!) to watch the Champions League Final between Liverpool and AC Milan! Well, that isn't really bad news, but I don't know whether I'll even ever have a chance to watch Liverpool play at Anfield, let alone a Champions League Final.

And the second bad news, one of my favourite restaurants has closed down. Remember Mon.ya? It was one of my four must-eat restaurants in Melbourne. The BEST (amount and quality) unagi don in Melbourne.

I actually jokingly told Jon about a week ago that we should go to this restaurant again soon, as it usually doesn't have many customers when we go there, and it'll close down pretty soon if we don't go. Now I understand the saying 'you never appreciate what you have until you lose it'. I haven't been there since the beginning of the semester and now its gone. I will not be able to tell the uncle there how much I liked his interpretation of Unagi Don. And I also wanted to try out their Katsu Don ever since I saw Christina eating one.

Thus, this post is a tribute to Mon.ya.

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Replaced with this:

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Green Pepper???? !&@^$!(*@$@&!#

i'M dEvAsTaTeD...


youngyew said...

Wah go to Athens? The whole family Liverpool fans is it? :D

Anyway yeah what a shame that shop closed. Probably it moved to another corner of the city?

crushedguava said...

my friend's brothers are fans la.
my friend not going..she depressed cos family going without her.
her dad got free ticket from somewhere.

cheese (cis)!

if you do see the shop somewhere else then please tell me.
if you see the owner of the shop somewhere also, then tell him i'm looking for him

phil said...

Whoa, extremely lucky fans! All for free as well...many will pay 1000s of £s for a ticket on matchday.

crushedguava said...

ya phil you said it man.

i'd never have thousands of pounds to spend.