Saturday, May 12, 2007

Ormond Rock-Off Smoko

Smokos are generally events where people dress up according to a theme and there is a dance floor and people generally go there to drink. Judging by my description of the event, it is safe to say that smokos are generally not my thing. This is due to a few reasons:

1) I don't dress up
2) I don't dance
3) I don't drink
4) I generally don't like socialising
5) I cannot 'let myself go wild'
6) I do not camwhore (smokos are a shameless excuse for camwhoring)

Yesterday night was Ormond smoko with the theme 'Rock-off' (they hold a couple of smokos a semester with various themes). I just want to illustrate to what extent people dress up and camwhore (none of these pictures were taken by my camera).

Here we go.

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And this was all BEFORE the event itself which took place in the central quadrangle of Ormond College.

Did I go to the smoko? Yes, this was my first smoko this semester, and I went mainly because this time they had live bands playing, but I got bored within 45 minutes and left after watching one band. And that was 8 dollars (that's the non-drinkers rate, if you want to drink, you pay 15 dollars) down the drain. I could buy a plate of rice and siew yuk with 8 dollars.

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And I didn't bother dressing up.


kimberly said...

you are so you jian wey!! -_-

crushedguava said...

ya lol

i'm so me mann

and i'm proud of it