Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Ski experience part 2: People

For the second part of the ski experience series, I bring you pictures of people.

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This here is Khachornwut "Pui" Supasiti, the president of the Melbourne University Thai Society, the man responsible for the whole trip, without whom, we wouldn't have been to the snow at all. And for that, we should all thank him.

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This is Sue. You might remember her from my Singapore post. She actually flew all the way from Singapore just to join us for the ski trip.

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Jon and Sue at the bottom of Big D.

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Jian Ming and I, outside Kalyna, our accomodation.

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Jon and a group of Singaporeans. All of them snowboarded. Look at the snow.

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I hated Frosty Drop. It wasn't very long, just very steep, but I had to get on it before I could go anywhere else. I fell within the first metre.

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I actually have more pictures coming up. I've decided to have 4 parts to this series, so watch out for Parts 3 and 4 soon.

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JIAN said...

hey you know that pic with the snow flying at the group of people?i was the one that kicked the snow=)

crushedguava said...

haha i suspected that the snow wasn't natural, since the next picture they were all standing there docilely without any snow flying at them.

so you were the culprit.