Friday, October 26, 2007

Laksa King

You know a restaurant must be good when you see a huge crowd of people waiting outside just to go in. But what's surprising is when the restaurant actually looks like any other random chinese restaurant around and there's a huge crowd of people waiting outside.

And thus it was (and still is) at Laksa King, where Jian Ming, Yi Wen, Renata, Steph went for dinner the other night.

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Situated along Racecourse Road in Flemingon (just take the 57 tram and look on the right when you pass a brightly lit row of shops), the restaurant does not directly face the main road, but is located inside an alleyway of sorts. The entrance to the restaurant is situated just slightly to the right of this picture (beside the yellow wall) and this open counter is for patrons to order take away. Considering they have a special counter for take away, you must suspect that they expect a fair amount of people to order take away, which leads us to conclude that their food must be good.

Their menu ranged from main dishes which you could order to share, or individual hawker malaysian food, like a variety of laksa, cantonese fried noodles, hokkien noodles, and what-not.

We first ordered a Kangkung Belacan to share.

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This was good. Tasted exactly like what kangkung belacan tastes like back in Malaysia. Maybe if I go alone, I could order some rice, the kangkung belacan, and somehow ask them whether they can add a few pieces of meat into the vegetables. Haha.

Anyway, being called Laksa King, Jian Ming and Renata ordered the curry laksa.

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Jian Ming claims that the only dishes worth ordering in Laksa King are their laksas.

They also have a Fish Head Curry Laksa as well, which Yi Wen ordered.

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I thought its usually fish head noodles, without the curry. Hmm, interesting. But $8.80 for that bowl of meehoon with that amount of fish is a mightily good deal I must say.

Our resident Hongkie, Stephanie Wong, ordered Char Kuay Teow.

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Doesn't look too bad wat.

I, mainly because I just wanted to be different, but also because I didn't really like laksa anyway, ordered Loh Mee. The only problem was, I don't really like Loh Mee either. Lol!

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And I paid for that. Loh Mee usually has more sauce than that, and the sauce is usually not that thick, its more like a soup. But while all that's fine and dandy, this bowl of noodles was bland. I think they forgot a crucial ingredient, salt. Or maybe MSG. But I had to add 2 spoonfuls of soya sauce to make it edible.

I was very dissatisfied after the meal, and was contemplating ordering another one. Go that far already at least must eat until satisfied right? But I was saved by Yi Wen who said she couldn't finish her fish head curry beehoon, and then proceeded to pass her bowl over to me. So good. Terima kasih ya. Best thing was, the laksa was actually good, and the fish was good as well, without too many bones.

I ended up ordering some fried banana fritters for dessert instead.

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And Jian Ming made a random comment when the plate arrived. He said:

The banana looks curved. If you have more of those you might be able to form a circle with it.

Anyway, the pisang goreng and ice cream goes really well together. Its so good that it could be a winning dish on Top Chef, had any of the contestants deigned to make it. And that's enough about bananas, I shall not entertain any more comments on it.

Yi Wen also ordered some sago.

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In conclusion, I think this is a good place to go to. The feeling of waltzing pass all the people standing outside the restaurant waiting to go because we had booked a place already was awesome.

Its not in the city though, but I think taking a 57 tram from Elizabeth Street would get you there soon enough. Address is 320 Racecourse Road, Flemington.

And next time, I shall order the laksa, and force my friends to order other things, just because I want to be different ;p


Melissa said...

kankung belacan!!!! the only vege that i like throughout since i know how to eat

Yi Wen said...

thanks for leaving out the part where we got ourselves lost. hahahha.

thank me again for booking us a place. :P *perasan...* hahahah! good food heyy? yeah the next time i go there, i'm just gonna order kangkung belacan and rice. :D:D:D:D

crushedguava said...

melissa: you mean you don't know how to eat other vegetables?

yiwen: lol need some meat also lar. and renata has a good and awesome new LOL picture, but i agreed not to post it up. you have to pressure supa to show it to you.

christina said...

tts an awesome comment by jianming. why nv order more n make into a circle?hahahahaaaa

Yi Wen said...

aiyoh, go vego for the day lorrr. LOL i want to see the LOL picture. hahahahahhahahaaaaaa... poor her.

JIAN said...

haha. You guys are terrible. Always bullying Renata one. I have to say Curry or Assam Laksa are the only two things worth getting. The rest you can go Rice Bar and experience their lousy no frills dishes.

crushedguava said...

i suppose i must agree with jianming about that.

and yah, we should have tried that with jon's banana fritters yesterday. i'm sure we could have formed a circle with those.

ha ha ha.

Anonymous said...

kill the doctor!!! ck ck wey, you're a med student, how can u kill ur own supervisor *geleng2* =P

the LOL picture actually ties in with this one, because i was also eating banana fritter when that picture was taken...

Melissa said...

no la, i mean kankung belacan is the only vege that like eating throughout my life. i only started eating other vege at some point and stop eating them at some other point again

crushedguava said...

renata! the lol picture turned out awesome. the best of the lot. can i have your permission to put it up please?!

Anonymous said...

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