Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Bratwurst Shop

In the last 2 weeks, I've been to Victoria Market 4 times, which is 3 more times than the whole of last year!

Anyway, they have this Bratwurst Shop there which sells hotdogs, and apparently there's always a queue for it. As I was waiting for my friend at that particular day that I was there, I decided to have one, at a price of $6.90, which is quite expensive for a hot dog.

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They have different kinds of sausage for you to choose from, but as I'm always attracted to white sausages (just like I'm attracted to white milk chocolates, but I don't actually like chocolates, although I do like sausages), I asked them what it was and it was some form of pork sausage, which was perfectly fine with me. Unfortunately you can't see the sausage here, being totally obstructed by the onions it was, but it was very very good. The sausage I mean.

Love it, but quite pricey. Looking at this blog, it was only $3.90 six years ago.


3.11. said...

Since you like white sausages, if you have an opportunity, you should try a weisswurst. It's excellent.

crushedguava said...

haha thanks for your wishes that day. where would i get a weisswurst and what is it actually?

3.11. said...

Wiki actually gave a very good description of it,
and you can see how the Germans eat them via the the link out. I eat the whole thing, skin and all :-D
You could probably get it at a butcher shop selling fresh sausages over there.