Saturday, February 16, 2008

Sushi Ten

There's this Japanese place off Flinders Lane in the Port Philip Arcade that's called Sushi Ten (that's if I got it correct). Its just after a creperie. Their menu isn't that extensive, the main things being Una Don, Salmon Don, and Salmon & Tuna Don, all of which costs 12 dollars. They also have some bento boxes which are cheaper, a selection of sushi.

We didn't bother with those small things though. We being Don and I. We just hit where the money is.

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One of the better unadon's I've had in a while. However, that fried piece of salmon there just seems out of place. And it was overshadowed by what Don had. This:

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Just look at that massive pile of salmon and other stuffs.

I'd definitely want to come back to try the Salmon Don, or perhaps the Salmon & Tuna Don, however, this place only opens for lunch, and on weekdays only.

How unfortunate...


chYn said...

OMG I LURVE SUSHI TEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U should try the Mix Don -- Tuna and Salmon sashimi!!! *yums*

crushedguava said...

i think either salmon don or mixed don should be around the same. as long as the total amount is the same haha.