Friday, February 22, 2008

Sushi Ten, again...

Had the opportunity to go to Sushi Ten again (yes, I was there just last week), and it was so good that I ate 2 bowls of the thing, just to make up for the times that I will not be able to go (since it opens only at 1-4pm on weekdays, and I'm not usually around during that time).

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This is the Mixed Don, which wasn't featured the last time.

Because I was already thinking ahead my 2nd bowl, I had to decide between another Mixed Don, or a Salmon Don instead. The salmon was colder (in temperature) compared to the tuna, and by consciously biting into 2 separate pieces and trying to analyse which one I prefered, I came to the conclusion that Salmon Don was the way to go.

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The Salmon Don. Not that you can actually tell the difference from the picture. Haha. One thing I love about the stuff is that they give a reasonable chunk of avocado, which, when mixed with the reasonable (again) amount of fish (crab?/prawn?) roe, is just heavenly. Makes me actually want to buy avocado.


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