Monday, February 25, 2008

Breizoz French Creperies

Sherreen's birthday just so happens to be 3 days later than mine (which would make it today actually, hmm), but her celebration took place before mine actually did, so hers would come first.

Just to have something different, we had dinner at this quaint little place called Breizoz French Creperies, conveniently (because it was just 3 streets away from my apartment, and I only have to walk in a straight line) located at the corner of Gertrude and Brunswick Streets. The shop also happens to be obstruced by a big tree, so it wasn't surprising that quite a few people managed to walk past it and then disappear off into nothingness before realising that they must have gone past it, and then turning back to find it actually being (I said it before) obstructed by the said tree. And its actually on Gertrude Street, and not Brunswick Street.

If you would just look past my rambling, the small restaurant (which only has one cook and one waitress, meaning that we, being a huge group of 10 or more (not that I know all of them of course), had to wait for quite a while before all of us got served (it was also conveniently stated on the menu that people who get their crepes first should just eat without waiting for others, less it gets cold). Nevertheless, we had an excellent meal with relatively good tabletop conversations going on.

The idea was to (as stated by Sherreen, but also conveniently (again) written in the menu) start with one savoury crepe (or gallette as it was called), then get another savoury crepe if you please (from the menu, not Sherreen), while making sure you leave space for a sweet crepe as dessert.

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As you can see, there's quite a selection to choose from, the most boring of all choices appearing at the top of the menu, and getting more and more interesting until you reach the pinnacle of interestingness at the last position on the list. How can you go wrong with a brick? Or The Brick for that matter. However I contented myself with the fourth most interesting one, the one aptly named, Boudin Blanc, as it had veal sausage, which is, exactly what Boudin Blanc means.

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Its a white sausage again, which I love, and the mushrooms were good as well. I enjoyed this quite a bit.

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Quite a few people picked Banane and Chocolat (French spelling?) from this list, but I went the Apple and Chocolat route, with a scoop of homemade Vanille ice cream on top. I would have picked Mango ice cream instead, but it was spelt Mange (or something like that), and I was not really sure what that was, so I picked the only one on the list that I recognised (since Vanille has to be Vanilla, right?). Anyway here it is.

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This was very good, the coldness of the ice cream perfectly balances the warmth of the crepe with the apple inside and the chocolate sauce on it. All of us were of the opinion that sweet crepes are just better than savoury ones, and I quite agree with that. That veal sausage with mushrooms, I would have enjoyed as much (or perhaps even more) with a hotdog bun, but the apple, chocolate, and ice cream were just prefect combinations on a crepe.

Indeed, it was a very filling meal.

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