Friday, May 23, 2008


Since someone found it unbelievable that the word 'mayhaps' actually exists, I'll list out a few examples of how to use the word 'mayhaps'.

Taken from Urban Dictionary:

Example 1:

A term combining the best qualities of the terms "maybe" and "perhaps" into a single superior word.
Often used when planning something mischievous or pretending to be British.

"care for a spot of tea?"
"mayhaps a bit later"

Example 2:

When 'no' is too strong and 'maybe' or 'perhaps' is too weak, try this noncommittal word on for size.

"Dad, can I get a new laptop?"
"In 23.2 years mayhaps."


Denise said...

Don't try to be wu liao!

crushedguava said...

lol what wu liao!?

i wasn't trying to be wu liao!