Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Tom Phat

So our theses were handed in last Friday, and being in a celebratory mood, we decided to head off to Brunswick for lunch. After spending nearly an hour looking for the restaurant, we finally found it; Tom Phat.

Tom Phat is yet another one of those quaint little cafes found in Brunswick, something in the vein of Ray, albeit with a slight Asian flavour to it.

Although we went around lunchtime, we still ordered items from their breakfast menu.


This is what I had, called Uncle Ho's breakfast. Its basically a pork chop, a fried egg, and rice on a plate, although I must say that I loved the egg being so puffed up.

This here is Tom Phat Breakfast, with a choice of poached or scrambled eggs. Looks fairly basic.


And finally, Claypot Baked Eggs, which is, exactly what it is.

Did I enjoy the meal? Well, yeah, you could say so. It wasn't very spectacular, but it was a hearty meal for 13 dollars, so, not too bad, I would say.

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chYn said...

i think more dan 1 hour leh.... TT___TT was SOOO hungry...