Saturday, May 10, 2008

Pancake Parlour

About 2 Sundays ago, a few of us wanted to have crepes for breakfast somewhere in the city. However, due to some unforeseen circumstances which resulted in the restaurant not being open, and not only that, it wasn't even the correct restaurant, we ended up in Pancake Parlour instead.

Now, some of you may remember my disastrous breakfast outing at St Kilda quite recently, where I decided to order pancakes when my friends all went with bacon, sausages, and eggs. I made sure I did not make the same mistake this time =).


This here (not mine), is a basic stack of pancakes, with butter on top. That may look like ice cream, but its butter.


This, is what they call a Double Eggs Benedict (not mine either). This actually cost 19 bucks, while a single Eggs Benedict would cost 14 bucks (poor Rena). I think its a rip-off.


Because this was so long ago, I cannot remember what this dish was called, but I do remember that it was definitely not my dish. No way I'm making the same mistake again, however appetising and nice this may look and taste like.

And finally, to what I ordered. I think it was called Country Breakfast. But it was so fulfilling for 14 bucks, with eggs la, bacon la, mushrooms la, and I even get pancakes with butter as well.

A very good breakfast indeed =).


Denise said...

baconnnnnn! need. bacon. soon.

crushedguava said...

heh, you sound like you haven't had bacon in a looooooong time.

Denise said...

indeed. i shall make a trip to safeway/vic mart this week for my bacon fix :D

crushedguava said...

and you stilllll don't have bacon! ;p

Denise said...

i do now! 3 pieces of bacon sitting in the freezer :P yumyummm.

crushedguava said...

only 3?! you should've got about 10, then you can have it for 2 meals or something