Sunday, May 18, 2008

An Unhealthy Weekend

This here is a list of things that I ate this weekend which I shouldn't really have eaten at all. What I'm getting at is, this is what I ate in addition to what I normally eat:

1) Half a bottle of 2L Sprite

2) Half a bag of Smith's chips

3) One can of Coca-Cola

4) One can of Sunkist

5) One can of Coke Zero

6) One handful of candy (jelly snakes and what-not)

7) Three biscuits/cookies (I dislike biscuit/cookies)

8) Some handful of chips (in addition to the half bag of Smith's chips above)

9) Hungry Jacks Triple Cheeseburger (Why did I ever eat this?)

10) Regular fries (came with the cheeseburger)

11) Storm in a teacup (Icecream with Oreos called 'Storm', that came in a cup, together with the cheeseburger)

12) Regular coke in a paper cup



Wenny said...

Even reading it makes me feel sick. lol! :P

rena said...

AAA indeed.... and if you need some more, you still got some sprite left in my study - about 1/8 of a bottle, you can claim it anytime =P

crushedguava said...

you can keep the sprite. i don't want it!

Jian said...

That is probably what those people eat in a day in that Facebook group "Damn it I'm hungry again".

crushedguava said...

yes, those guys, i remember those guys.

i didn't feel very full wat after eating those things. i'm sure i could've eaten twice that amount without feeling full lol.

but i sure do feel unhealthy.

Denise said...

you forgot the three fat spicy pork sausages! =P

crushedguava said...

Haha did not forget. The 3 fat spicy pork sausages were part of my dinner, thus not included in this list!