Sunday, March 4, 2007

I want to ski! Right now!

The recent weather (35 degrees yesterday) and Liverpool's thoroughly undeserved loss to Manchester United yesterday has got my blood boiling. Really boiling. Under conditions like these, there are only 2 things that one can do; play DotA or ski.

And there's no snow right now.

But I'm certainly not in the mood for games at this time, so I thought I'd post some pictures on the ski trip that we from Ormond went to last year.

Took a 2 and a half hours bus ride to Mount Buller on Friday evening and got there at night. We commenced the skiing the next morning.

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This is the beginner's slope. And that's fake snow. We went quite late in the year and due to unfortunate circumstances Buller had the worst snow fall in years last year. According to some of my friends who have been skiing before, they said the snow was crap.

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The reason why I didn't appear in any of those photos is because, being the beginner that I am, I was too busy raging at my inability to ski to pose and smile for any of the pictures that my friends were taking.

Most of my friends who were beginners like me successfully skied down the beginner's slope by the end of the first day, while I still couldn't, so I was raging all the way back to the lodge.

At night, they had an alcohol party of sorts.

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I'm not an alcoholic, so its no surprise that I'm not in this picture either. ;p

The weather took a turn for the worse the next day.

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However, I still could not ski properly yet and letting some bad weather stop me was just going to be too wasteful.

Eventually though, I got the hang of it and could do the beginner's slope without too much of a hassle, and the trip wasn't wasted after all.

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That's only the summit of the beginner's slope. ;p

My blood is still boiling right now though. Argh!!! Rage!!!


youngyew said...

Chill, chill... Yeah it seemed that Man U didn't really deserve the win yesterday (didn't watch but read a bit online), but football is like that la, next time Liverpool will be on the lucky side in some other occasions. In the long run, the odds will kind of even out, so let's be cool about it. :)

EdmondLee said...

MU rocks... sorry to say that!

you know who am i la said...

at the last pic you look like harry potter with the puffy jacket and sort of like doreamon with a lot of things falling out of your pockets at the same time you squinting giving me the impression that your harry potter specs is just not clear enough for you.

BTW, i saw the match. The only thing i can comment is Hahahaha

crushedguava said...

> , <

why are there so many Man U fans around?

I know who you are: regarding the first part, well, that was the best picture I could take under those circumstances

regarding the second part, well, I can't believe that You of all people would actually watch a football match AND have the temerity to laugh at a Liverpool fan scorned.