Saturday, March 17, 2007

There's a new Japanese restaurant near uni. This is a good thing because for us people who sometimes want something better than college food but cannot be bothered to walk far.

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Sushi Sai, located on the corner of Swanston and Elgin. Apparently before this it was a cafe selling you basic australia fare of coffee and pastries. I've walked past the shop a lot of times before but it was always unassuming and never really that appealing. I wonder how this new Jap place will fare.

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They serve the usual dons, and sushi rolls as well. The food isn't really that spectacular but its filling, with adequate amounts of meat and rice, which is the most important, and its not bad either. And that's good.

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$7.60. Adequately priced as well. ;p

Okay, enough about the restaurant.

This morning there were some hot air balloons hovering above me while I was walking to class.

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However, somehow, I feel that that picture could have turned out so much better.


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I don't this one turned out too badly. Hmm.


Food Cooker said...

Did I tell you that I can cook Oyako Don? Muahaha and its tried and tasted. and the best part is I do not have to pay anything for it, save for the ingredients which is cheap and easy and that also can cook a few more times after that. Cost : 0 Pounds or 0 Aussie dollar for that matter. muahaha. Oh ya i dare you to take hot air balloon. It looks like fun. Considering taking it in the summer. hmmmm...will see how...muahahahaha

crushedguava said...

tsk tsk. can cook oyako don and never call me. tsk tsk.

haha. i wonder what's the purpose of hot air baloons? not that its a very efficient mode of transport.

Ya said...

I'll provide a response to this coz im procrastinating when i do not have the time to! arghhh starts pulling hair out of the head. scalp starts bleeding, blood starts oozing out, making the face drenched with blood slowly trickling down to the neck and body.

That aside,

hot air balloon is open air. Easier for you to fall to your death. Now, doesnt it sounds exciting? Woo hoooo

crushedguava said...


your fyp hand in already, take a bit of a break la.