Saturday, March 3, 2007

I've finally managed to get to the Asian Grocery in Chinatown to stock my fridge full of Vitamilk Soya Bean drink. At $1.70 for three bottles, its supremely cheap.

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That's twelve bottles there for $6.80. Not bad.

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Two of my friends had a discussion about which was better, Coke Zero or Original Coke. I don't like Coke, so I'm impartial. Which one do you like?

What I do like, however, is the Ice Chocolate from Koko Black. At $5.50, it comes with 2 big scoops of good ice cream, vanilla and chocolate.

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This is the take-away version of it. By the time I got back to my room the ice cream had already melted, which made the drink so creamy and smooth, it was as if someone had stuffed a piece of satin in to your mouth and forced you to swallow it.

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If I were to have it at the shop itself though, this is how it would look like. I'm talking about the 5 glasses of Ice Chocolate, not the thing in the middle. No idea what that thing in the middle is. ;p

From now on, I must remind myself not to be greedy, and only get it when I'm not too full. ;p


youngyew said...

I don't really enjoy the ice chocolate in Koko black, it's a bit too milky for me. :P

crushedguava said...

cheating. anyplace where you can get more for paying the same price must be good.

you pay the same amount in Max Brenner to get some watery Milo without icecream. no good.