Thursday, July 19, 2007

I first heard of this place called Don Don on Swanston Street in the beginning of the year, recommended by a friend and his friend, when I was looking for something fast and filling to eat. Then, I ordered the takeaway Curry Katsu Don, and I absolutely hated it, and haven't been back since. But I must admit that they were very fast. The meal arrives before you even finish saying what you want, its that fast.

About 2 weeks ago, some other friends went to Don Don as well, and I tagged along but didn't order anything. I was wondering though, why did my friends think that Don Don was actually good?

Today, inspired by yet another Tummy Rumbles review, this time on the Sashi Don there, I trekked down to Don Don with Eileen, deciding to give Don Don one final chance, and this is what I got:

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Don't you think it looks absolutely delectable?

And it only costs 7.70. Absolutely worth it considering the amount of sashimi you get.

Anddd, its healthy.

Will I go to Don Don again? You bet, if only for the Sashi Don.


mellie said...

Glad you finally saw the light. Yeah, I don't think too much of some of their other stuff, but the sashi don rocks!

crushedguava said...

haha yeah! you're right!

some of their other stuff looks terrible i must say, but then i think there may be some other dishes that i wouldn't mind eating from there as well.

IronEaters said...

Its a good place for ppl looking for a really quick,cheap n yet quite decent food there. I like their sukiyaki don and terriyaki chicken too!


crushedguava said...

haha, unfortunately, i still don't like don don much.

but the sashi don is still good.