Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I've found a new place to eat in Melbourne. The new Dessert House on Swanston Street: Dessert House Eatery.

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Its yet another one of those Hong Kong style cafes which I generally don't like, but its the first time that I've ever walked into a restaurant, and while looking at what everybody else is eating, find that I want to try everything. Usually I just go for one particular dish.

So on that day, what I decided to try (from looking at other people's meals), was this:

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Though I only say Baked Pork Chop with cheese and mushroom, it also comes with fried rice. Its an interesting variation of the usual Baked Pork Chop with cheese on rice (which I absolutely don't like because the taste of the cheese is too strong), but the addition of the mushroom bit is genius, giving it a bit of a cream of mushroom soup taste.

This is the chicken version of the same dish:

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Dessert House Eatery is definitely a place that I would go again, to try all the other dishes that I see people eat. Good location, excellent food, and with a small, cozy, and comfortable environment to boot.



mellie said...

I lurve Dessert House Eatery - it is cheap, cheerful and quick! I love their salt and pepper calamari, fried rice and wonton noodle soup or yong tau foo type soup. You can read about one of my meals here.

BTW, I hope you don't mind, but I've linked to your blog :-)

crushedguava said...

haha i found your blog because i googled for 'dessert house eatery' leading to the exact same link you gave. :)

yup go ahead. i'm going to link to your blog as well. thanks a lot!

IronEaters said...

I like Dessert House as well as its food is delicious and is not expensive. It is a v popular place esp among asians =) U should giv their "lemongrass chicken n egg on rice" and "spicy chicken/calamari/pork on rice" ago, if u havent already tried them!

crushedguava said...

haha the lemongrass thing is basically their specialty right?

and the spicy calamari thing, i think its very similar to the spicy chicken ribs you get elsewhere, don't you think? =)

Anonymous said...

spicy chicken ribs all the way! i just couldn't stop myself from ordering that whenever i step into dessert house! where are the other good spicy chicken ribs in melb??

and their XO fried kuay teow isn't bad, i reckon.

- the one known as 'MM' on ironeaters -

crushedguava said...

my favourite spicy chicken ribs is from Forefront Eatery on Franklin!

anyway, i've been looking around IronEaters, and I still don't know who's 'MM'. all your pictures don't have faces as well, tsk tsk.

Anonymous said...

i like forefront, but haven't tried the spicy chicken ribs b4. will keep that in mind.

i too, have been looking around your blog & saw AMS...confirmed med :) plus you are currently at Talbot!! Me too!!! (haven't seen you around though) I'm finishing this friday though :) what a small world. I'm 5th year btw. maybe will see you in Talbot in the next 2 days :P

MM frm ironeaters/mouse's sis/real name - PE

crushedguava said...

wow small world indeed!

haha unfortunately, my friend and i are lazy people, we'll only be coming in next tuesday lol.

so what's a 5th year med(?) doing in Talbots? part of rotation?

Anonymous said...

haha...AMS is the time to relax def :) i remember my AMS all too well :P

this time in 5th year is another time to relax (otherwise i wouldn't be online at 11+am) i'm currently doing my RAPP (rehab, aged care, palliative, psych of old age) block and there's really not much to do :P in talbot for the rehab bit, then off to bundoora for aged care.

all the best w AMS :)


crushedguava said...

haha yep i'm having a very relaxing time indeed, compared to some of my friends in units such as surgery or anaesthesia.

what unit did you do that was so relaxing?

Anonymous said...

Hi, me again! In response to your question, I did tissue engineering...basically working in lab, growing stem cells :) It was all very interesting but the cells really took their time to grow so i had a lot of free time on my hands, sitting in the office twiddling my thumbs :) All was good coz then i had more time to explore London (yeap, I did my AMS there)It was a great year :) but I still like clinicals best ;)

how about you? what's your project about?

btw, your ski trip sounds great. i haven't even been to the mountains yet after all these years!


crushedguava said...

tissue engineering in london wow!

i'm doing acute effect whole body vibration on leg stiffness in the talbot. so far i've been only going in once or twice a week ;p

yeh you should try skiing. for some of us, it may be a once in a lifetime experience, only available in countries with mountains with snow :)