Friday, July 6, 2007

My last 2 or 3 days in KL before heading back to Melbourne for semester 6 has been about eating stuff I haven't eaten in ages (probably about 2 years).

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The 1901 hot dogs were, and still are, my favourite hot dogs. I used to bemoan the fact that Malaysia only has 1901, Viking, and a couple of other independent stalls selling hot dogs. I love watching food programs on television, and there was once a one hour feature on all the different hot dogs in the US, and knowing that I couldn't have that in Malaysia, goodness, it was torture.

I thought that I could get those cool hot dogs in Melbourne, but so far, I haven't seen anything like that. The only hot dogs in Melbourne are those you can make yourself at home. Buy a hot dog bun, steam or fry a sausage, throw it into the bun, and put ketchup on it.

Now I'm able to appreciate how good the 1901 hot dog really is.

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They actually take time to steam the bun, so it comes out hot and soft, unlike those dry and stale buns you get elsewhere. And the pickled relish. Excellent complement to the ketchup and the mayonnaise and a more than adequate replacement for onions.

Another thing that I haven't eaten in a long while is the 'dai pao', meaning Big Bun, literally.

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Its not just a bigger version of the Char Siew Pao, the meat inside is actually different.

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However, this proved to be a disappointment. When I used to eat it a couple of years back, it used to have more meat and less 'bun volume'. Now there's more bun, less meat, and even the egg that used to be in there has disappeared.

Ho Hum.

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