Sunday, July 8, 2007

So I'm finally back in Melbourne.

However, I still need to complete my Malaysian food story. Two more stories to go and it'll be complete.

On Friday, the day before I flew off, I went to have Bak Kut Teh with my brother and my grandmother. Its situated in Kelana Jaya again, in the same row of shops as the chicken rice shop that I went to last time.

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If you look hard enough to the right down the row of shops, the chicken rice is at that corner. Actually, I don't think you can see it, no matter how hard you look. Don't even bother trying haha. Just take my word for it.

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And so to the meal. Of course must eat Bak Kut Teh. Soup was good, meat was fat, and the world was at peace.

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If we dip this into the soup, we're supposed to taste something unlike anything we have ever tasted before. Unfortunately I have tasted cold yau char kuai before, and trust me, it isn't good. ;p

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Miscellaneous bits from the stomach of the pig boiled in pepper soup. Good to eat. But not good if the pepper gets to the back of your throat. You end up choking.

As we were walking back to the car after the meal, we noticed a man selling durians and my grandma asked whether I wanted any or not. Seeing that I haven't had durians for about 2 years already, I agreed.

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I'm not sure why the picture is divided into a light side and a dark side. I would like to think its cool, but then again, something is telling me its not cool. Regardless, those mini durians there are definitely cool.

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They look and are thorny, but within them, lies hidden treasures.

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Providing you can get past the smell first haha. Its like it has different layers of defenses to protect itself from being eaten, but then that's just me being lame.


kimberly said...

evil evil guava!!
make me drool all over your food blogs and miss malaysia more..
eish :p

crushedguava said...


food nice wat

anyway melbourne also got good food

so you no need to feel you missing out