Saturday, July 21, 2007

This morning, I braved foggy conditions to obtain my copy of Harry Potter.

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I am now going to read it.

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On a more amusing note, I took this excerpt from The Age:

"As Pottermania gripped Australia, a 21-year-old Canberra fan took the extreme action of diving into the frigid waters of Canberra's Lake Burley Griffin when he dropped his pre-purchase receipt yesterday afternoon.

The receipt provides proof that he - like many fans wanting to ensure they were among the first to read the book - had pre-ordered a copy.

A security guard pulled the man from the water about 4pm (AEST) when he was found splashing around searching for his receipt.

He was stabilised by paramedics after suffering suspected mild hyperthermia and taken to Calvary Hospital in a stable condition."

I know that I shouldn't be laughing at other people's misfortune, but I can't help but think, this guy now won't get to read his copy of the book because he's in the hospital! And I wonder if he actually found his receipt.


Anonymous said...

wats with people and harry potter eh? it's just a book. u can read it anytime.doesn't matter if ur the 1st or not. ain't i rite? hehe.

long time no see n here i am at ur blog giving crappy comments.

oh..btw,i've finish reading the book 2 days after it was released in Malaysia. ahaha.

crushedguava said...

you are very correct indeed.

however, sometimes, for a book as popular as these, and you have invested so much time into reading it, you don't want the ending spoiled for you by overhearing some other people discussing the book loudly near you (and they will).

anyway, who are you haha?