Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Are you an avid reader?

Everybody has his or her own favourite time to read. Of course, I've had more time to read during my 2 plus months break. But when I'm in Melbourne, the only time I have to read is usually before bedtime. I read anywhere between 5 minutes to an hour before I go to sleep.

Since coming back from Melbourne, I've happily devoured a couple of books that I borrowed from my old haunt Reader's Corner Subang Parade (in addition to books which I bought myself, namely The Prestige and Train Man). Stuff like:

  • Carol Berg's Bridge of D'Arnath 4 book series: an awesome fantasy series by the author, which I enjoyed immensely. Her Rai-Kirah series was super great as well. Highly recommended for all fans of the fantasy genre.
  • James Rollins' Map of Bones: Action adventure along the lines of Da Vinci Code. This genre gets really stale after a few books. All follow the same formula with the same plot with slightly different details along the way. I could probably write a post along the lines of Omega's Romance for Dummies on this genre. Same ol' same ol'.
  • Timothy Zahn's Survivor's Quest from the Star Wars novels: I'm a fan of Star Wars. And I've read most of the novels continuing the Star Wars saga after Episode VI: Return of the Jedi. Timothy Zahn is one of the few authors who actually successfully adds some zing to this series. 4 out of 5 stars.
  • Jeffrey Archer's False Impression: This book has been first on Kinokuniya and MPH's top ten list for fictional books ever since I got back from Melbourne. Thus it must be good, right? Right? Unfortunately, I think the synopsis at the back of the book is very misleading. That being said, still a good read, but I don't think its thatt good.
  • Dean Koontz's The Husband and Velocity: Again, the synopsis seems more interesting that the story itself. Both have very similar plotlines and I was quite disappointed. I expected much much much more from the author of Watchers.
So, for my last 3 days in KL, I will finish reading Steve Berry's Romanov Prophecy (which belongs to Wuan Zhu), and I've just recently started rereading this:

Remember him? That's right. He's our good friend Mr Doraemon.

How I miss him. :)


youngyew said...

Haha, yeah I agree with you about the false impression... It's not as good as I expected it to be (although it's still rather good, coming from Jeffrey Archer's pen), and it amazes me that it still tops the top seller list in the local bookstore after so long. :)

crushedguava said...

What they say at the back of the book really give False Impression lah.

I expected something along the lines of Agatha Christie's Hercule Poirot series where the detective really had to piece together all the separate clues.

But no. It was your typical chase bad guy, bad guy chase you back story.

youngyew said...

Speaking of the misleading cover, maybe that's indeed conveying the essence of the book, as in, the cover introduction was meant to be a false impression? :)