Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Horrible fonts

Just some random pictures.

Some of you would say that there are some horrendous fonts on certain pictures.

I wouldn't disagree.

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This is where I stay in Melbourne. Of course, I'm not in this building. I'm in some other building that does not look so nice.

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Ooo lunch!

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Huh? Three to what?

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Due to some function in the hall we had bbq for dinner a couple of days ago.

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Super oily, super tasty.

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I discovered that you can add any concentrate to 100 Plus (or any other plain isotonic drink), and it turns out awesome.

I think I need to start using a better camera.


youngyew said...

Haha I think the pictures good what, why change camera? :D

pinksterz said...

yea, like adding orange cordial to 100 plus. you get uncanny resemblance taste of f&n orange.

but only to be used in emergency situations. LOL.

crushedguava said...

optical illusion only. you look at the original picture and you'll cringe. cannot tahan.

ah miss pinkzters, i recognise your name from SF's site ;p