Thursday, February 15, 2007

Sher Reen and Mei Sze finished their summer course today, so Supa and I joined them on an excursion to the city for dinner and a movie.

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Dinner at Blue Sky. Picture spoilt by a random who asked me to remove his face. Serves him right. ;p

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Not many choices; Music and Lyrics or Ghost Rider?

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Quite a good feel good movie. Love the music in the show.

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This for the amazingly hot day today. Walked back to Ormond to save a tram ticket.

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Interesting graffiti that we saw. Heh.


Pretty J said...

Okay....u want me to leave some comment. Here I am. When i was reading it I had so much thoughts in my head, but it flew away too fast even the bird could not catch it. Dang i made a small blotch on a brown envelope, now i have to liquid it causing a round blotch on the envelope, I hope it does not give the student administrator a bad impression. No thanks to you and your food blog, causing me to lose concentration and fume with jealousy. Yes, so its your fault. And yes, if i continue like this i will be writing an essay already. Off i go. Ciao. The comments thus ends here.

crushedguava said...


i remember last time you ask me to write you a testimonial on friendster.

then i came up with some lousy crap.

now i know how you feel.


Pretty J said...

Eh, but its more interesting to divert from the topic than to comment on what you have written. Im sure you know what i would have said already. Come to think of it maybe you dont. But who cares? At least somebody leaves comments here. Hehe....see another comment. Smart la you, want to reply to my comments here so that i can reply to your reply of my comments. Indeedeedoooo scooby doo

youngyew said...

Nice pictures! You are getting so good at it now... :)

I almost thought that the description for the hoyts are the real words in the picture, and I only realized it's your added word when I saw the crushedguava url there. :P