Sunday, February 18, 2007

Chinese New Year 1st Day

And for the official day of CNY, we went to Kalip's house! For the first time in two years!

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We ate some good food cooked by his mum.

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I'd say that an Angpao is always welcome.

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And look!

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A Nintendo Wii! He only had Wii Sports and one controller though, so a couple of us spent most of our time playing Boxing.

Of course, the Nintendo Wii wasn't the only source of entertainment.

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We had fun.


U know who am i la said...

See i do comment on your blog even when you didnt ask me to! Where was this? Was this in Aussie? So home cooked food! it looks yummy. I want to eat too! In the group pic you took, the guy beside you look like wei shen. Its not right

crushedguava said...

ehhe ya it was in australia. my friend's house in some suburb. and he dun look like weishen laa. he's much taller for one. ;p