Saturday, February 24, 2007

I've recently been forced to perform 2 more changes to my blog:
1) Reduced the number of posts on the main page
2) Slightly reduced the size of the pictures that I am going to post from now on

The changes were necessary because loading that many pictures of that size in one go uses up a lot of my internet quota here in Ormond.

Anyhow, here are some random pictures.

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My new favourite drink. At AUD 1.50 a bottle its the cheapest drink around (apart from water, of course...tsk tsk), and you can get it for cheaper if you buy it in bulk. It is also cool. Why is it cool? Because it comes in glass bottles, and for a non-beer drinker (me), grabbing it out of the fridge, using a bottle opener to open it, and hearing the satisfying fizz before gurgling it down is oh-so-cool.

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While we're on the subject of bottles, I just bought a new bottle today, because apparently, reusing mineral water bottles is "not good for you". However, this bottle here is new and green and cool. And if someone were to steal it from me I would be majorly pissed.

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Why is Kalip staring at me? I didn't do anything wrong.

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This here is Bourke (It's spelt wrongly up there ;p) Street. On Saturdays they have street performers performing for free. Usually there are musicians as well and if you like their music, you can give them some money or buy their CD.

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George Kamikawa is from Japan and he is a country blues artist. I saw him last week, and he was playing the slide guitar and the harmonica. If you look at his fourth finger in the picture and you'll see some metallic thing there. First time I've seen someone play the slide guitar, and it was amazing.

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And this is Santos Bonacci and his band, playing flamenco guitar. No singing is involved, and its one of my favourite forms of guitar playing. Put 3 people playing at the same time and you get magnificent music. I actually saw them 2 years ago, when I was first in Melbourne, and I was so impressed that I bought 2 of their CDs. Today, I saw them again, but I wonder why they are still selling the same CDs. Don't they have any new ones?

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Finally, this is an amoeba in the lecture theater.


Tsk tsk said...

Nice pic with sunshine but no food this time only with drinks. Tsk tsk..copy me again. Next time ta pau the vitamilk for me to try la. Ciao bella. Dunno what term they use for men. tsk tsk

crushedguava said...

he he he, my mum said i eat very unhealtily.

must cut down on unhealthy food. ;p

youngyew said...

My mouth watered when I read the bottle opening description.

Anonymous said...

thank me for vitasoy :D :D :D

n y m i an amoeba...

- the amoeba -