Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Went out with some friends yesterday night for an early celebration of my birthday ;p Supa, Sherreen, Meisze, Engkiat, and Alex. Unfortunate that I did not take a picture with them.

We went to Mon.ya. The place where you get the BEST Unagi Don so far I've seen anywhere. Best in terms of amount and presentation and taste. Fantastic. Plus, the set cost 22 dollars. 22 is a good number. But the picture didn't turn out to be that fantastic though. Hmm. Wasn't able to capture the essence of the Unagi Don set. Nevertheless, here it is.

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Went to catch A Good Shepherd in the cinema's after that, since it was a Tuesday and the movies were cheaper, and it had Matt Damon and Angelina Jolie in it, but it was a terrible movie. Horrendous. I think its because we expected something more than an autobiography of sorts, we weren't able to appreciate what the movie was trying to show us, namely the sacrifices made by one of the founders of the CIA. But if you want to waste 3 hours of your life, go for it.

This obtained from Rotten Tomatoes about the movie:
Robert De Niro made up for lost time by making "The Good Shepherd," a film that feels like it takes 13 years to watch.That's an exaggeration. The sprawling, 160-minute epic only feels like it takes seven hours."

Oh yeah, this is the cake that they bought for me.

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youngyew said...

Wow the cake picture is very nice... :)

crushedguava said...

ya i also dunno why turn out so nice.
but memang very nice. i must do something more with that picture.

youngyew said...

Do what? Poster?