Friday, January 22, 2010

Hing Kee Restaurant, Temple Street Market

Anthony Bourdain’s programme, No Reservations, had an episode on Hong Kong, and one of the places he went to in that episode was Temple Street Market for claypot rice. Therefore, claypot rice at Temple Street Market was a must go for me. Going alone was a bit of a problem though, as there are a lot of shops selling claypot rice there, and I didnt’ know which was good. Fortunately, last week I able to meet up with my friend and her family who happened to be going there anyway for, you guessed it, claypot rice.


Turns out that this Hing Kee Restaurant has about 5 or more branches around that Temple Street area, and they all have the same menu and sell the same things. There was also another bigger restaurant that was beside this particular Hing Kee, that already had a huge queue outside it. When I do go back the next time, I’m going to try that other restaurant.

There’s plenty of choices for you to pick from with regards to what you actually want in the with the claypot rice, ranging from HKD18 for some basic things like Beef with Rice Pot to HKD45 for things like frog legs and eel.

I went for one of the more basic ones.

Beef and Spare Ribs with Rice Pot for HKD23. As you can see, I had already put some soy sauce onto the dish. According to Anthony Bourdain’s guide in that episode, you put the soy sauce, then close the lid to let it steam for a bit before eating it, which is what I did, and which is what none of my friend’s family did.

Ah, I felt so much more knowledgeable than them then.

Just kidding.

Because her whole family was there, we also had oyster pancake and some vegetables.

As you can see, its actually oyster egg fried so that it comes out in pieces. But its not so good. Oily and greasy.

The vegetables were not too bad. I like vegetables.

There is also another part to the meal which shall come in a separate post.

For now, I must declare that it was an excellent dinner, and I love the Rice Pot, although I generally don’t like the KL style Claypot Rice. I plan to go back again for more Rice Pots before I leave.

I must also thank my friend and her family.

Good bye.

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