Sunday, January 24, 2010

Lap Mei Fan

I enjoyed the Rice Pot at Temple Street Market so much, that when I met up with my friends (from Australia) the next day in Causeway Bay, and they ate in some Hong Kong restaurant that sold steak with supermarket french fries and mixed veges (peas, carrots, and corn), that I decided to not eat there and went by myself to this other restaurant that I walked past earlier in the day instead.


I cannot read chinese, so I don’t know what its called.

Basically, they sold rice in pots as well, but steamed (rather than cooked over charcoal, I think).

And I got this for HKD38. Not that cheap, but way cheaper than the steak at HKD90.

That’s random preserved meat on the rice. The 2 different kinds of chinese sausage. and the 3rd meat is pork I think, not too sure. Again, soy sauce on top (but no lid to cover it with this time).

It also comes with a bowl of soup.

A very excellent meal again. Way better than crappy steak.

I love rice in pots (just not in KL).

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