Saturday, January 23, 2010

Insides of cows and pigs, Temple Street Market

This is the other part of the meal that I mentioned in the Rice Pot post at Hing Kee Restaurant.

Basically, as we were walking into the restaurant, on the opposite side of the road, I noticed that there was a crowd gathering around a small lighted area in the generally quite dark alleyway that the restaurant was in.


I thus walked closer to have a look at what was going on.



Now, there are plenty of similar places in Hong Kong that sells these things. Cow and pig organs on skewers, boiled in either hot water or some soy sauce broth/stock thing. This was the first one though, that actually had a crowd gathering around it and also a queue lining up for it. Therefore, it must be good. Even my friend and her family confirmed that this stall is generally better than the other stalls out there, although they could not give me a reason why.

Maybe because its situated in a dark unlighted alleyway, in a stall that has no signboards whatsoever.

Either way, I love this stuff.

And thankfully, my friend’s family did too.

Many people look at it and go “Eww”, but I can assure you that its good, albeit and acquired taste.

I don’t really understand why pomelo skins come together with the pork skins. Not that you can tell them apart by looking at them anyway. Maybe they want to cheat buyers.

So I ate quite a bit of this before the Rice Pots arrived, and it did get quite yucky after a while.

I don’t think I’ll have anymore organs while I’m in Hong Kong.

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