Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Roast Goose at Yung Kee

Goose was one thing I needed to have in Hong Kong. So I was sitting in my room on a Saturday morning, wondering what to do with myself till the afternoon (I was going to meet up with a different friend), when my friend from Melbourne who’s in Hong Kong at the moment as well messaged me on MSN and said “Oh you’re online! I’m going for goose in central. Do you want to come?”

Of course I did.

You don’t search for the great meals in life. You put yourself in a position, and in places, where they may be more likely to happen to you.

So said Anthony Bourdain (no he didn’t come to Yung Kee).

I don’t know what Yung Kee is famous for. It’s in my friends’ guidebook(s). Apparently they serve dishes whose (is this the right usage of the word ‘whose’?) recipes’ are long forgotten.

If you eat inside the restaurant, you have to order at least half a goose for a very expensive price. But you can get a takeaway box for HKD35, which is what we did.

We found some steps near the restaurant and ate there instead.


And how was it? Forgettable. Not nice and boring. Meat was tough.

Certainly not as good as the goose that Bourdain had in his show. That was “worth flying all the way to Hong Kong for”.

This isn’t.

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Tummy Rumble said...

I ate here before.. The food was just okay.. Nothing really great, but I don't think it was tough.. costed a bomb though.. my hong kong friends say that this is where most tourist get conned.. hahaha