Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Lan Fong Yuen

After our roast goose with rice, my friend wanted to go to this place famous for its milk tea.

As you can see, they have a lot of newspaper and magazine reviews on display there for people to see.

One of the pictures there features Choi Lan. Choi Lan (I call him the white bearded guy) is a celebrity food critic that appears on TVB (I think). He’s very popular, and even has his own food guidebook(s). My grandma watches his programmes, and on my first night in Hong Kong when I was at my grandaunt’s place, she was watching his program as well. I guess he’s like the chinese Anthony Bourdain. Except Anthony Bourdain lets other people bring him to restaurants, but Choi Lan recommends restaurants to others. If you go to a place and you see a picture of the white bearded guy, then it must be good (because if it wasn’t good then he wouldn’t have gone there in the first place).


Now, this milk tea is supposed to be different because the make it in a stocking (hence the word ‘mut’), and my friend said that it was much smoother than normal milk tea. I couldn’t really tell the difference. And the stocking is what people at home in KL make teh tarik with anyway.

Unfortunately, I was attracted by the picture of the kaya toast that they had on display and ordered that as well. Its like french toast, with butter and kaya in between. I thought there was more butter (I got rid of one whole chunk to the side as well) and I could hardly taste the kaya.

Conclusion. Ok ok only. So so. ~ ~

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