Thursday, January 21, 2010

Wang Fu

So I went back to Mak’s Noodle Ltd on Monday and had the proper noodles with the wonton. It was better than the first time there, I must say.

Anyway, after that we decided to go to Wang Fu, a dumpling place that was just a few shops away from Mak’s, after reading a review on the net saying how good the place was. The review recommended the Mutton Dumplings, and also the Tomato and Egg Dumplings, which I would not have ordered had I not read that review. So we ordered 5 each of those 2, and also 5 Pork and Chives Dumplings.

And the conclusion? Not so good.


This was okay. Good, but boring.

This was also not too bad. The mutton flavour really came through.

This was not good. It wasn’t bad actually, but just uninspiring and lacking in flavour. The tomato was just diced tomato, and the egg was like bits and pieces of random scrambled eggs. The reviewer had no idea what he/she was talking about. Fail.

I won’t come to this place again. Not because its bad but because its boring.

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