Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Lamma Mandarin, Lamma Island

Basically, the purpose of my trip to Hong Kong for my electives was for food. Thankfully, there are another 2 elective students here (from London) who came here to travel and sightsee. All I had to do was to tag along with them for the travel and sightseeing bit, and just eat whatever that comes along.

So last weekend we took a ferry to Lamma Island (Hong Kong has a number of outlying islands and Lamma Island was one of them). We landed at one pier, then did the 1.5 hour walk to the other pier and had a seafood dinner there. The walk was pretty interesting (up the mountain and down again), and we dragged it over 3 hours so that we'd reach the other side in time for dinner then ferry back to the main Hong Kong Island.

It was good because I did not have to make any travel plans; all I did was just follow along like an obedient puppy. =)

Lamma Mandarin is one (actually I think it might be the only one) of the restaurants recommended in my friend’s guidebook, so of course we had to go there. We did a set meal for 3 for a total of HKD330 (it was actually a set meal for 4 for HKD380, but they were quite flexible).

No photo of the restaurant, unfortunately. =(

Fresh steamed prawns. Supposed to be dipped in chilli and soy sauce. Neither of them ate prawn heads so I had them all.

Steamed scallops with lots of garlic, spring onions, and flavour. Very tasty. Yes, I also ordered a bowl of rice to go with it, and no they did not take my rice away before the fish arrived (inside joke).

The fish. It looks dead but is actually steamed. They did not fancy the head, so I had that too.

Deep fried squid. Anything deep fried is generally very good.

Fried rice with fairly large prawns in them. To make you full if you’re not already.

And the vegetables. I love stir fried veges.

Very good food and very good company. It was the perfect ending to a very well planned trip. I do have some pictures of the island walk, but that might or might not appear somewhere some other time.

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