Monday, January 25, 2010

Australian Diary Co.

Australian Diary Co. (not sure if its really from Australia) looks to be one of your typical char chan teng’s around Hong Kong that serve their Hong Kong style breakfast all day. Basically a variety of eggs cooked different ways with some form of toast and some form of meat (ham luncheon meant, sausage, etc), macaroni in soup with meat as well, milk teas, coffee, stuff like that. What’s so atypical about Australian Diary Co. is that its really famous for its scrambled eggs and even has a facebook group dedicated to their eggs as well.

And I love eggs.

This place was recommended to me by my friend who said that its a very popular place amongst the locals and there always is a queue lining up into the place. A quick look on the internet confirmed what she said, and also mentioned that due to the long queues, the waiters in the restaurant are actually quite rude and chase you away as soon as you finish your meal.

So feeling slightly apprehensive (the menus were all in chinese as well), I took a bus to Jordan, got off and quickly found Parkes Street, and walked to the restaurant, prepared to line up and wait. Surprisingly there wasn’t a queue at all, and I got a place immediately (sharing with 2 other individuals who were there each by themselves as well). The waiter was also quite friendly and I’m pretty sure was telling me a joke, but as I did not understand what he saying, I nodded and gave him a smile. Looking around me, I could see a variety of dishes that people were having, from sunny side up eggs with sausages, fried eggs (not sunny side up) and ham, scrambled eggs and ham sandwiches, to macaroni soups with luncheon meat.

I described to the waiter that I wanted scrambled eggs (chao dan) in between 2 slices of bread in cantonese, and he took that to mean that I wanted a scambled egg sandwich, which is exactly what I wanted. I also asked for some form of milk, which they were apparently famous for, and thankfully he knew what I was referring to immediately. Hot or cold, he asked. Hot, I replied.

The milk arrived first. Its like steamed eggs, except that its milk. Like the texture of the egg in egg tarts. It was a new thing for me, and was fairly good as well.

And then the star of the show arrived; their scrambled eggs.

This picture just does not do the eggs justice. It was soft and fluffy eggs, perfectly seasoned (maybe a tad bit saltier; but just a tiny tiny tiny bit, which is the way I like it!) cradled in between 2 slices of pillow soft bread. Deelicious!

Yummmmm. Just look at the eggs. A bit yellowy, but blame my camera for that.

The milk and the sandwich came up to HKD31.

I also found out that at different times of the day, the eggs comes with different forms of bread. Later in the afternoon/evening, you get the eggs in a sandwich, like what you see above. Earlier in the day (breakfast/lunch), they come with a slice of toast.

I liked the place so much that I went back a week later and got the eggs with toast.

It was so good that I had 2 of these. HKD13 each.

If you are an egg lover, then you simply have to come to this place.


Denise said...

Diary your head! =P I was wondering what kind of Australian Diary post you tagged me on facebook.

crushedguava said...

so i spelt it wrong =P